Through the Prophet Jeremiah, God gives us several assurances. God weaves the tapestry of your life. God has not forgotten you. God's heart is for good.
Psalm 118, part of the "Hallel", rejoices in God's deliverance of His people. While recited during the Passover, this Psalm also introduces the Deliverer of all mankind, Jesus Christ.

What Is God Doing?

March 22, 2020
God reminds us of some very important things.  Walk by faith and not by what we see happening around us. Walk in truth, walk comforted, walk courageously and walk corrected.

God, Your Creator

December 8, 2019
Is there purpose and a cause to life?  You are amazingly and wonderfully made.  Hear how God created by purposeful design, mankind.  He created you to love and serve Him.