If you’d like to support the ministry of Emmanuel Baptist Church, then are a couple of options.

First, is an Interac eTransfer. Our recipient email is

Second, is to mail a check to our mailing address:

Emmanuel Baptist Church

PO Box 941

Three Hills, AB

T0M 2A0

To guide those who may be unfamiliar with an Interac eTransfer, the following may be of help.

Go to your the online portal for your banking institution. Once logged in, click on the Interac eTranfer link in your bank’s page menu located at the top of the page. The opened page should resemble something like the following.

Choose “Create New Recipient“. It should give you a page similar to this.

For “Name” add EBC or Emmanuel Baptist Church.

For “Email Address” add Confirm by reentering the email address in the “Confirm Email Address” box.

For the “Security Question” and “Answer“, create whatever you wish. Confirm the answer by reentering the security answer in the “Confirm Answer” box.

Complete creating the profile by clicking on the “Next” box.

You should now be able to click on the Interac eTransfer link and choose a recipient as the following shows.

Choose from your recipient dropdown list–“EBC” or “Emmanuel Baptist Church”.

Tip: If “EBC” or “Emmanuel Baptist Church” does not show up in your dropdown list, then you need to create a new recipient for EBC.

Once picked, your Interac page should look similar to the following.

Choose your bank account from which to send the funds.

Enter your donation amount.

Click at the bottom to confirm and send your giving. Your gift will be automatically deposited in EBC’s account.

An email similar to the one below will arrive in your inbox.

Thanks so much for you care for the ministry of Emmanuel Baptist Church.