Why Israel? Israel, The Miracle Land
November 5, 2023

Why Israel? Israel, The Miracle Land

Passage: Jeremiah 31, Amos 9, Hebrews 11:8-16
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The Land of Israel is theologically important. It's not just a place where people groups have a running feud. The thread of Scripture teaches us that God is the only one who brings a barren land back to life. He keeps in the land or He removes the Jews from it. No one else can. He blesses the land of Israel when the Jews are in it, bringing for life in the barren wilderness. He is regathering them into the land to bring forth a regenerated nation in the future. As Abraham looked forward to a heavenly home, so believers in Christ are reminded and assured of God's promise of a heavenly home by the presence of the Jewish people in their Promised Land.