This is Pastor Tim Lacock (Pastor Tim).  I am thrilled that you are taking a look at Emmanuel Baptist Church (EBC).  I trust that what you are finding will help to answer some of your questions. If I can be of any help, please reach out to me here.  

Thanks for finding Emmanuel Baptist Church (EBC) on the web.  EBC is a community of believers learning to love God and others and living out that truth in practical ways. We are grateful you have taken the time to find out more about us.  

Your search for us started with a name. You Googled and here you are! One can learn a lot from a name. For starters, you’ve learned we exist!  So, let’s help you learn more about us by exploring our name. We’ve been purposeful in our choice of name because it reflects who we are—Emmanuel Baptist Church.

Why Emmanuel?  

Emmanuel is the promise that God, Himself, came down to dwell among mankind in the person of Jesus Christ.  His loving purpose was twofold.  First, that Mankind might know what God is like.  Thus Jesus, Emmanuel, lived and dwelt among men for 33 years.  Second, willingly, to give His life on the cross, to pay our penalty for sin so that we might be forgiven of all our sin.  When that gift of salvation is personally accepted by anyone, then God begins to dwell within by His Spirit.  Thus, Emmanuel reminds us that God came to deliver us from sin and is always with His own. 

Why Baptist? 

Baptist is our core conviction as an Independent, Baptist Church. Baptists have had a long history of standing for biblical truth and freedom from hierarchal organization and influence. Our formation of doctrine and living life arises from a firm belief that God gave us the Bible to be read, believed and lived. It is from the Bible that we get convictions of Baptist belief.  For more information on what shapes us read this. 

Why Church? 

Church accurately describes what this gathering of believers is.  We are a local, visible representation of the Body of Christ.  A family intertwined by our common unity by faith in Christ Jesus, alive to God by life in Christ Jesus, and called together to care for, uphold, and minister to one another by the gifting of God.  As a Church family we not only gather in testimony to the transformative power of grace through faith in Jesus Christ, but we are also commanded to share that Gospel of redemption with others. 

Emmanuel . . . Baptist . . . Church.  We’d sure love for you to visit us. 

A bit about the Lacock.

Pastor Tim is a missionary kid (MK). Born in Washington State, in the US, he moved with his family to Hong Kong at the age of one. Around the age of 6, he came to know Christ Jesus as his personal Saviour during the equivalent of Junior Church which his mother taught. He lived in HK until 17 at which time he returned to the US to finish High School and begin training for the ministry at Bob Jones University. Graduated from there with a pilot’s license, a B.A. in Missions and an M.A. in Pastoral Studies.

Tim and Tammy met through summer camp ministry. Tammy grew up in a Pastor’s home in the ski town of Steamboat Springs, CO. She attended Maranatha Baptist University and graduated with a B.S. in Business Education. Together, the Lord has blessed them with 4 children–two girls and two boys.

Ministry life together has taken the Lacocks from Camp Ministry in North Carolina/Colorado for 3 years, to Northern California for 6 1/2 years. From there to Pastoral Ministry for almost 15 years in the heart of Mormon country in Utah. God has now led to Emmanuel Baptist Church in Three Hills, Alberta.

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