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Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” Matthew 19:14

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Danielle Tolman from Three Hills wrote on August 31, 2021
Elena was a very sweet little girl in grade one. I had to laugh when her Sunday School teacher said she thought she was maybe just stubborn and didn't want to speak. I thought that a few times with Elena, but I think she was just processing the language in her head, as she was very bright! I loved to see all of her drawings and notes she left for her family and friends. Thank you for sharing those with us, and for sharing Elena with us. God bless,
Danielle Tolman
Claire Murray from London wrote on August 29, 2021
Dear Ray, Anna, Kayla & Ethan,

The service for Elena was absolutely beautiful. I am thinking of you at this challenging time and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Elena is now with God, she is safe and looking down over you everyday. I pray for your strength and peace. You will always be surrounded by Elena's love.

I will pray for you all,

Huilin from Singapore wrote on August 27, 2021
Dear Elena,

My heart is broken knowing that you are no longer with us. I greatly cherish the time that I got to know you. I am so proud of the young lady that you have become. You are such an amazing older sister to Kayla and Ethan and you bring joy and hope to those around you. I will always remember you as the bright girl with a huge, beautiful smile. You are such an angel.

I would like to dedicate this verse to you and your family.
Psalm 48:14 "For this God is our God for ever and ever; He will be our guide even to the end."

Thank you for being a part of our lives and being the light in our lives.

Carmen Reece from Three Hills wrote on August 24, 2021
I had the pleasure and honour of being Elena's Grade Three teacher last year. I could not ask for a better student than Elena. She was quiet and respectful but had a love of learning that would show with her big smiles and excited responses. She loved to read and to make crafts with paper, scissors, glue, and tape. She especially liked hands-on work like our bridge-building project. Elena brought a volcano she had created and made it erupt - much to the delights of her classmates. I remember thinking that she was a teacher in the making. Elena started the year being quite quiet and shy but soon showed her personality. She was not hesitant or embarrassed when we put on a class play of the story The Little Red Ant even though she knew the other classes in the school were watching via Zoom. She often volunteered to read aloud for classmates when we were working on novel studies. I can still see her at the Fun Day we had in June, wearing her blue sweater and black boots. I kept asking her, "Aren't you too hot?" and she just giggled and said no. I was melting that day but she was unaffected by the heat. I also have a fond memory of our last day of school. Our class went to Tower Park to play and Elena was having a wonderful time playing a chasing game with her classmates on the playground equipment. She was running and laughing and joyfully out of breath. That is how I choose to remember her.
Kim Moos from Three Hills wrote on August 23, 2021
I was so lucky to have Elena in Grade 1 when I taught the 1/2 split class. I remember watching her walk through the hallway--her dad carrying her backpack and Elena clutching onto his had so tight. But when the time came, she hugged her dad good-bye and walked right in my door. She was super quiet to begin with, but she would smile at my bad jokes so I knew there was a sense of humor in that tiny little body! She was quite funny once you got to know her. As the year passed she came out of her shell...first when working with a buddy, then when playing in a small group and finally with everyone. She loved joking around and was so very kind and thoughtful with those she worked with. She could be with anyone and get along just fine. Being in a split class is tricky because there is a lot of time when you have to work on your own while the teacher is working with the students from the other grade. It wasn't a problem for Elena because she was such a hard (and speedy) worker and she always picked things up so quickly...smart as a whip! That year her mom was going to have a baby. I heard many stories about Kayla and about the new baby inside mom's tummy. She was soooooo excited when Ethan was born. I swear her smile grew 3 sizes when he arrived! I will forever remember her sweet little smile and the way she would tilt her head when she did it (at first) being a little shy. She will be forever missed. Keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers in the journey ahead. God bless...
Art Krahn of Prairie Maintenance from Three Hills wrote on August 17, 2021
I enjoyed the times when I came to your apartment for plumbing repairs and Elena met me at the door as Mommy's helper and then she would watch as I did the repairs. She was always so quietly curious and observant and it was a joy to explain to her what I was doing.
Elena displayed the wonderful characteristics of gentleness, respect, and observation.
May the presence of Jesus, where Elena is, be your comfort as you journey on as a family!
Eric Ng wrote on August 16, 2021
Hi Xiying, Anna and family, we're deeply sorry for your loss. We can't begin to imagine the pain and grief you're going through. We hope the thought that Elena is with our Father in heaven brings you comfort. We wait in anticipation with you for the day when our Lord returns and there is no more pain and suffering. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

Eric and family
Bunmi from London wrote on August 16, 2021
Anna, Ray, Kayla & Ethan,

I am truly sorry I did not have the opportunity to personally know Elena in this life-time. She is clearly a beautiful soul, full of the love and life of Christ.

My thoughts and prayers remain with you all during this difficult time.

With love,
Iris Tanis from Quesnel wrote on August 15, 2021
I didnโ€™t have the privilege of knowing Elena very well or for very long, but she was a darling girl and so beautiful.
I remember her eyes very well; deep and thoughtful but they sparkled with life and at times I could see a mischievous shine in them. I canโ€™t remember a time when I ever saw her leave Kayla alone. Elena is an example of a wonderful big sister.
I loved standing nearby them after the church service and listening to Elena and Kayla talk to each other in Chinese. I couldnโ€™t understand what they said but it was so sweet to watch as they stood together or walked hand in hand.
I will continue to pray for your family, for God to give you an extra measure of peace and comfort in this time ahead.
With love and prayers,
Evelyn Dela Cruz from Three Hills wrote on August 15, 2021
I remember Elena's sweet smile. She was very active child, playing and running in the church hall, after the service. I can't beleive she was gone, she was too young. But it's really comforting to know that she is with our Lord Jesus Christ right now and playing. To Ana and Ray, I will always pray for you and for your family. God bless you always.
Peter and Lisa Reinhardt from Three Hills wrote on August 15, 2021
When Avery was in kindergarten we prayed that she would find a good friend who also knew the Lord. She had one friend who decided he didn't want to be her friend anymore and broke her little heart. Then we met your family and beautiful Elena. She was such an answer to our prayers. She was even more of a friend then we could have ever dreamed of. We truly believe that God hand picked her for Avery. We will always be thankful that we had the opportunity to get to know her. What I will personally miss most is the giggles of the girls. She had the most sweet giggle. Avery says she will never forget how funny she was. She was such a beautiful example of God's love. Our lives are better for having known her. We will never forget her. We are praying for you all! With lots of love from the Reinhardt family.
Florence Cai from Singapore wrote on August 15, 2021
Dear Xiying and Family,

So sorry to hear about Elena. May the Lord's love comfort you and give you strength and hope through this season. Keeping you in prayers. Please take good care.

Florence Cai and John Low
Janny, Jennard and Samuel Cahatol from San Jose wrote on August 15, 2021
We were so blessed to know Elena. We have such fond memories of visiting her and Anna and Rey and Kayla four years ago. We remember playing with her and she would give us toy food and we would pretend that it was too hot to hold and she would giggle so much. We pushed her on the swings and she would shout cheerfully "I'm higher then the heavens!"

Although our hearts are broken for Elena's family, we do not grieve like those who have no hope. Even in our mourning we have the peace of God that transcends all understanding because of Elena's faith in Jesus and she is safe in the Lord's arms. We send our love, prayers and condolences to the Yeo family and we thank them and the Lord for giving us such sweet memories of Elena.
Val Leuf from Three Hills wrote on August 15, 2021
Dear Ray and Anna, Kayla and Ethan,
My heart was so touched by the beautiful service for Elena today. I wish I had known your beautiful, imaginative, creative, loving daughter and sister. I am thankful that I will meet her someday. Her young life was such a testimony of love for her Savior.
Ray and Anna, thank you for the things you shared at the service, and Kayla thank you for singing the beautiful song that came from Elena and your heart.
My family and I will continue to uphold you in our prayers. May you experience His peace and His presence in every moment.
Val Leuf
Ku Chih Min and Michelle Tan from Singapore wrote on August 15, 2021
Dear Anna, Ray, Kayla and Ethan,

Our deepest condolences for your loss. We rest in comfort that Elena is safe with the Lord. You are in our prayers and thoughts. May God give you comfort, strength and peace during this difficult period, because He is with us always. Take good care of one another.
God bless your beautiful family.

In His Love,
Zhimin and Michelle
Justin Sagert from Regina wrote on August 15, 2021
Grieving for your loss. God is good and faithful. Rest in Christ.
Gillian Blomsma from Three Hills wrote on August 15, 2021
What a beautiful service. I felt as if I knew Elena. So grieved with you Ray and Anna over her loss. Praying for God's comfort as you move forward and do the hard work of grief in this season.
June Davidson from Greenville, SC wrote on August 15, 2021
Anna and Ray, our hearts are so heavy as we learned of Elena's passing. We will always remember Elena as a beautiful smart child filled with joy, peace and a gentle spirit. We are so blessed to have many fond memories of fun playdates with her. Though we are far away, our family is here for you. May our prayers offer you some comfort during this hard times. We hold you in our hearts always Elena.
Andrew Loke from Hong Kong wrote on August 15, 2021
Deepest condolence, Ray and Anna. Crying with you and your family, our prayers are with you. Thank you for sharing with us the lessons you learned during this period at the profoundly meaningful memorial service. I am deeply moved and edified, and am grateful for our Risen Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ, our all in all. The One who died and suffered for us and with us on the Cross is the One who will raise her and us up in glory one day. May the God of hope fill you with His presence and comfort. You will see her again.
Robert Parlane wrote on August 15, 2021
Numbers 6:24-26 in Hebrew
ื™ื‘ืจื›ืš ื™ื”ื•ื” ื•ื™ืฉืžืจืšืƒ
ื™ืืจ ื™ื”ื•ื” ืคื ื™ื• ืืœื™ืš ื•ื™ื—ื ืšืƒ
ื™ืฉื ื™ื”ื•ื” ืคื ื™ื• ืืœื™ืš ื•ื™ืฉื ืœืš ืฉืœื•ืืƒ
May the ื™ื”ื•ื” bless you
May the ื™ื”ื•ื” make his face to shine upon you
May the ื™ื”ื•ื” lift up his countenance upon you and give you ืฉืœื•ื (shalom).
Yuli Chang from Taipei, Taiwan wrote on August 14, 2021
Dear Anna and Ray,

I can still remember you brought toddler Elena to Taipei to visit Annaโ€™s family, we had a lunch together six year ago. Although I donโ€™t have much chance to meet Elena in person, I feel I am close to her as my son is at the same ago as her. I am sorry for the loss and she is now in heaven in peace. Miss her forever.

Dear Elena,

Thank you for coming to the world and I can have the chance to share your life through your mom Anna. It is really short time we have you in world but you teach many of us to be parent, be friend, be teacher.

Yuli and Chiawen
Jennifer sagert from Regina wrote on August 14, 2021
We grieve with your family in this time of sorrow. May God give you strength each day. You are in our prayers.
Susan Habermehl from Three Hilld wrote on August 14, 2021
Dear Ones,
Our heartfelt sympathy is yours as we continue to process your loss of sweet Elena. A sweet spirited and kind child. I met her first at the childrenโ€™s library program that I lead at the Three Hills library.
What a Joy to have her attend. She will be missed!
May the Love of our Heavenly Father be yours as you grieve the loss of your daughter and sister. Our prayers are with you. The staff at the library send their condolences as well.

Miss Susan and The Three Hills library.
Luz Perkins from Greenville NC wrote on August 14, 2021
Dear Anna and family,

My heart and prayer are with you all, I was heartbroken to hear about the loss of Elena. She was a special little girl, I was able to cherish special moment of Elena.

Remembering the times she will visit her grandmother Nancy. She will sit beside Nancy and listening to her Chinese stories. They will also play together and sing together. I remember the times that Elena will try to help me, while caring for her grandmother (Nancy) She was a very smart and talented little girl. My kids had a chance to meet Elena and play with her. Moment that will able be cherish.

Elena was like a niece to me. She always called me Auntie Luz. Itโ€™s Amazing how a little girl can make an impact in someone else life.

Elena will be missed by so many people. Rest In Peace our little angel ?

Luz Perkins & Family โค๏ธ
Ami Tseng wrote on August 14, 2021
Dear Anna and Ray,

My deepest condolences to you both on this heartbreaking loss. I miss Elena so much already! I have so many memories of her - from carrying her as a baby, to reading her baby books, to teaching her how to color with the lines, to admiring mom's (her grandmother's) Christmas tree together...the list goes on and on. Paul and I were so blessed to have had her in our lives, and we will miss her dreadfully. But I also know that she's a beautiful little angel now, in God's eternal presence and love. Please stay strong and courageous during this darkest of times - sending you both lots of love.

Juliet Pao from Williamsburg, VA wrote on August 14, 2021
I am a friend of Elenaโ€™s Grandma Nancy. I have known Elena ever since she was born and knew what a great joy she had been for her. Anna had this wonderful idea of bounding Nancy and Elena by putting an on-line camera in her play area and set up a big monitor for Nancy to see her play and grow in long distance. During my visits with Nancy, I was deeply touched by Nancyโ€™s smiles and pride as a grandmother when she showed her off to me. The cute baby turned into a beautiful girl, good daughter for Anna and Ray, a big sister for Kayla and Ethan, joyful granddaughter for Nancy and Gerald and playful niece for Ami. It is with great sorrow for me to see her earthly life being cut short. But we can be consoled that the choirs of angels have greeted her into heaven to be with her grandmother Nancy who will take good care of her, and both of them will watch over their family and pray for their strength and consolation during this time of grief. May the memory of her bring love and peace to Elenaโ€™s family.
Gerald Roberge from Three Hills wrote on August 14, 2021
Although there are no mere human words that can ease the pain or bring comfort to the parents and family that loses a child, but there remains one absolute truth that is steadfastly trustworthy and that is the comfort of knowing that Elena is "Safe in the Arms of God", and the faithful shall see her again someday!!!
Heike Davis from Newport News VA wrote on August 13, 2021
I did not know Elena very well in person. But whenever I did see her she was a beautiful little happy girl. I saw her play the piano once which was a absolute delight. She will continue to play for all the angels in heaven and will make everybody smile.
May God give her parents, her siblings and her Grandfather her Opa the strength to get through these difficult times.

I promise to pray for her every day.

Heike Davis and family
Deanna Kim from Castro Valley wrote on August 13, 2021
I had an opportunity to have lunch with Elena and her family in San Jose when she was a toddler. My memory of her is that she was a really good eater and had the best table manners. We will miss you and look forward to see you in heaven.

Deanna, Jonathan, Samuel, and Justin Kim
Ru Lin from Singapore wrote on August 13, 2021
Dear Ray and family,

We are so sorry for your loss. Even though we have not met Elena in person, seeing her sweet smile melts our hearts. During this difficult period, please know that you and your family are in our prayers. May our Lord heal and comfort you. May His words bring peace and love to your family. Psalms 34:18 The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Dear Elena, a loving daughter and beloved child of God, you have returned to the eternal home with our Lord. Rest in peace, little angel. Matthew 19:14 Jesus said,ย โ€œLet the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.โ€

With love,
Ru Lin and family.
Alec Tremblay from Three hills wrote on August 13, 2021
I remember when Elena and I made a pyramid out of paper and cardboard in our free time and than on the last day of school we smashed it together. We also played alot at recesses together. Elena was an amazing friend. I will miss her alot. I will always remember her smile and the way she giggles.
Kelly Steffen from Linden wrote on August 12, 2021
I always experienced joy watching Elena visiting with her dad at the Prairie College faculty office. She loved to laugh, play and have fun with her dad. It is something I will always remember and cherish.
Dianne Delgatty from Three Hills wrote on August 12, 2021
Ray & Anna,
I am so sorry for your loss. When I first moved to Three Hills, Anne Reinhardt asked me if I would be able help out this family in the community and pick up this little girl a few times that Anne was unable to take her to pre-school at PCA. That little girl turned out to be Elena. What a precious little girl who had lots of questions and answers for me while I delivered her to pre-school.
Arthur and Xiu Kok from Barrington wrote on August 12, 2021
Our hearts are breaking with yours as you grieve
Over the loss of Elena, the hopes and dreams and memories that could have been
Why Lord? How Lord? When Lord?
As you sit in the ashes, may Him being there be enough for now.
Xianghui from Perth wrote on August 12, 2021
It fills me with great sorrow to hear this news, I dare not impagine the depth of anguish you are going through .

However, our God is good, He will take good care of Elena in heaven for you, her soul will be comforted, she will be happy there with her favourite food, toys, books and etc. From above, she will be looking over your family like a guardian angel, and she will not wish to see you all in sadness.

Take care my brother Xiying
I pray for you and your family will be supported the Almighty God.
Xun & Weimin from Singapore wrote on August 12, 2021
God is too good to be mistaken
God is too wise to be unkind
So if you don't understand
When you can't see His plan
When you can't trace His hand
Trust His Heart...

We're here, and we share in your grief...
Alicia Peh from Singapore wrote on August 12, 2021
Dear Xiying (and Huiting too),

I am so sorry to hear about this. May God comfort you. Just want to say that it is ok to grieve. Take time to grieve. Take care.
Lee Shan from Perth Australia wrote on August 12, 2021
Hi Brother XY and Sis Huiting

I'm deeply sorry to hear about the news . Please take good care of yourself
Know that my prayers n thoughts are with you this moment .
May our Lord comfort you in this difficult time