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“. . . a beloved brother, faithful minister, and fellow servant in the Lord.” Colossians 4:7

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Chip and Tammy Welton from Three Hills wrote on May 27, 2020:
Praise God for Cyril and the blessing he was to us and to so many. He was a great blessing helping so much with our deck a couple years ago. It was so good to get to know him better during that time. May the Lord's comfort and hope be with Lois and the family. Cyril was truly a beloved brother, faithful minister, and fellow servant in the Lord.
Tim Rush from Pellston wrote on May 8, 2020:
Cyril will be missed. We enjoyed his ministry greatly.
Elaine and John Cales from LeRoy wrote on May 2, 2020:
Our deepest sympathy to you Lois, your children and the Harcourt family.
The Sutherlands from Kenora wrote on May 2, 2020:
Hello Lois and kids, where to start... If ever there was a man who loved his faith and had the grace to show who Christ is, by the way he lived, it was Cyril(Pastor C) To me he was God's example of a true Christian Man, Husband and Father and that helped immensely to shape me to be who I am today(Cyril would say that was the work of God and I say exactly!) We were dumbfounded and broken when we heard and it was hard to "rejoice" at that moment when that hurt was fresh. Our family is sad for you all but also so thankful that you are not left alone, but carry in your and our hearts the love of the Holy Spirit! We are so blessed to have had your family be a part of our family while we were first saved. Those memories make us laugh, cry and smile all the time. Cyril shared and taught so much with me that I wish I could say more; but, there are not words enough to describe just what He and your family mean to us...We wish we could be there, miss you and love you and hope to see you again.

Love Curtis, Colleen, Rachelle and Amelia
Lisa Wils from Florence, WI wrote on May 2, 2020:
We were shocked and saddened to hear of Cyril's passing. Your family has been in our thoughts and prayers. While it's a sad time for us, what a great day for Cyril! Looking forward to a great reunion in heaven someday. May God give you comfort and peace at this time, knowing this is all in His perfect plan. Love and prayers, Barry and Lisa Wils
Anna Kopf from Minnesota wrote on May 2, 2020:
Heartfelt sympathies to your family with this loss. Prayers for comfort and joy for each of you.
Barbara McCollim from Magnolia, Texas 77355 wrote on May 2, 2020:
He loved the Lord with all his heart. I am so glad to have known him and Lois and their family. My husband and I were were in Canada and helped them in a camp. May the Lord give comfort to all his family at the time. Love Barbara McCollim
Marion & Merv Tuplin from Edmonton, Alberta wrote on May 2, 2020:
My dear friend, Lois...Cyrilโ€™s sudden passing was such a shock to everyone. While we celebrate his being in the presence of our Lord, we are at the same time grieving for your indescribable loss. May the God of all comfort wrap you in His loving arms and carry you through the days, weeks and months ahead. The road will not be easy but He has promised to be with you always as your Comforter and Friend.
Debbi Dyck from Chilliwack wrote on May 2, 2020:
We will miss seeing Cyril's face "over the fence" the next time we are visiting in Three Hills. Love and hugs and prayers to Lois and family.
MaryAnn Friesen from Carstairs wrote on May 1, 2020:
Dear Lois,
Words cannot express the depth of your loss of your best friend and loving husband Cyril.
My heart goes out to all of you and praying you may feel Gods great love for all of you at this time of great sorrow.
I can still hear his laughter when him and Betty would start "cracking jokes"and having fun!
May you feel Gods peace and comfort in the days ahead.
Love and deepest sympathy,

Mary Friesen
Dereck and Jenny Muth from Monroe wrote on May 1, 2020:
Dear Syroteuk family,

My memories of Cyril and your entire family bring a great smile to my face. From hanging out in the rec hall between classes, to putting salted peanuts on my ice cream for the first time at Cyrilโ€™s suggestion, to talking about life, family and ministry...I am thankful for you all. These are still fresh so many years later.

Jenny and I grieve with you all while praising our great God for the comfort and grace He provides during times such as these.

Please know we have prayed for you all.

God bless,

The Muth family.
Monroe, MI
Jennifer Fee from West Lafayette wrote on May 1, 2020:
Sherry Iโ€™m so sorry for your loss my friend. I hope the next few days bring you smiles and happy tears as you reflect on all of the love and good memories of you and your father โค๏ธ Allow yourself to grieve but know many people are lifting you and your family up in prayer ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
Walter and Norma Jaeb from Kamloops wrote on May 1, 2020:
Dear Lois and family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you heal from your great loss. Cherish the time given you together, and those memories will comfort you in the days ahead. I'm sorry we never got to know you as adults, but have many fond memories of you when you were younger. You have raised a lovely family. Sending Love to all of you.
Philip Von from Pennsylvania wrote on May 1, 2020:
As a teenager, Mr. Syroteuk was a breath of fresh air. As an adult he was who you could work with, laugh with, and learn from all at the same time while challenging you with his life of faith without ever speaking a word. Looking back now as a husband, father, and follower of Christ, I have an even greater appreciation for the man he was and the way he lived his life. Always time for people, always a friendly face, and a man who never seemed distant from God. Thoughts and prayers to your family.
Megan Marble from Maryland wrote on April 30, 2020:
My deepest sympathies to your whole family. Mr. Syroteuk was an incredible man. While I did not know your family long, you all had a great impact on me. He was always so open and friendly and was such a caring and giving man. I am honored to have known him. I cannot imagine what your family is going through right now, but am grateful that you all have each other during this time.
Dennis Walton from GREENVILLE, SC wrote on April 30, 2020:
Lois and family โ€“ My prayers are with you. You cannot help but grieve at this time of great loss but, thank God, it is only temporary. A glorious reunion awaits you. While thinking about Cyril my thoughts turned to the 23rd Psalm. Cyril, like the psalmist David, enjoyed a close relationship with the Divine Shepherd. Everyone could see it and he, like the Psalmist, wasnโ€™t embarrassed to recommend it to others. The Shepherdโ€™s leading was in green pastures by still waters and in the paths of righteousness, but also through the valley of the shadow of death. Cyril, like all believers, faced ever present enemies, but His Shepherd never left him to face them alone. Truly Godโ€™s goodness and mercy followed him all the days of his life and he now dwells in the home of His LORD forever (while awaiting reunion with family and friends).
Ellen Sagh from Saskatoon wrote on April 30, 2020:
Before and during the above service I went contemplative walking. Warren did same. Then we met in a park, me sitting on a bench, and warren social distancing while sharing memories of being with Cyril and family in Erickson and family gatherings over the years. Getting the cows, squirting cats with milk, killing chickens, putting plastic bags in wet shoes and through it all--non judgemental acceptance and his caring came up over and over.
Sweeneys from Airdrie wrote on April 29, 2020:
We love you guys and are hurting for you. God richly blessed so many people through the testimony and friendship of Cyril. His love and gratitude for His Saviour was evident in Cyril's outpouring of genuine care for others and faithful witnessing. He wanted others to know His God as he did. Cyril had a big presence and an uncommon capacity to love all those whose lives he touched. You just knew you were genuinely loved by Cyril. It was so obvious and palpable - God's love flowing through him. His characteristic warmth and humour and fervor for the Lord is already missed.ย  Praising our God for allowing Cyril's life to touch ours - what a gift was given in knowing and loving and being loved by Cyril!!
Keeping you in prayer and
knowing our God will carry you through with His abundant and overflowing grace and strength and mercy and comfort.
Love you lots.โค
Phil Reese from Mandan wrote on April 29, 2020:
Shirley and I are so sad to hear of the loss of our dear brother Cyril. We remember with fondness the time we spent at Northland together as students. It was also a great privilege to minister along side him at the Kenora church and camp for a couple weeks. We cherish his friendship, wisdom and support as we sought to follow the Lord's leading in our lives as a young family. We will miss Cyril dearly, but look forward to our eternal reunion with him in heaven. May the Lord comfort and strengthen you during this time of grief as a family. You are all in our prayers.

Phil and Shirley Reese
Emily Burton from Kingsford, MI wrote on April 28, 2020:
I have so many great memories of Cyril. Usually it was him sitting at the kitchen table laughing at us as we got up to some shenanigan or another. But he was always there. Many of my other friendโ€™s dads would disappear outside or in the garage when the kids were around. But Cyril was always there and goofing around right with us, or listening and giving wise advice. He will be greatly missed.
David bay from Winnipeg wrote on April 28, 2020:
Cyril and I were neighbors in our childhood. I remember May visits at each other's place where we played for hours. Nothing but fond memories of him. Rest in peace my friend.
Michelle-David Pruden from Edmonton wrote on April 28, 2020:
Our condolences to you Lois and all of your family. We are praying for you โค๏ธ
Ken Jones from Franklin, Wi wrote on April 28, 2020:
My wife, Kay and I were saddened to learn of Cyril's passing. Our continued prayers will be offered for the family and friends throughout the days ahead. We first came to meet Cyril and Lois while attending Northland Baptist Bible College (1990-1994), and continued to have contact in the following years as he and Lois followed the Lord's leading in their Mission ministry work. We will always remember his kind and gentle, and generous spirit, and willingness to serve the Lord even through hard times and trials. I also will remember his always being willing to help others whenever possible. Now that God has called him home, I believe he will hear,"well done thou good and faithful servant" from his Lord and Saviour. I know his works will follow him!
Love and Prayers- Ken & Kay Jones
Barrera Family from Three Hills wrote on April 28, 2020:
We were shocked, sad and heartbroken when we heard the news of Cyril's passing. We want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Cyril was a blessing to our family. His gentle spirit and helpful nature will always be missed. We will always remember the time when we moved to Three Hills. Cyril came over offering his truck and helped us lug our things into our new home. I can't forget last year when he offered a summer job to Joshua and always visits Eduardo when a job spot is open. You always smile and open the door for us when we come to church. Cyril consistently made jokes and offered candy to everyone. Every potluck meal he always offered to get you a drink. His wonderful acts of love and kindness will never be forgotten. A beautiful soul full of love and faith ascended to heaven away from us but closer to God. After tears have dried all we have are the happy memories that we've shared. We will miss him, goodbye Cyril till we meet again in the kingdom of God. We will be praying for Lois and her family may God give you strength and comfort.
Neal and Beth Ring from Greenville, Sc wrote on April 28, 2020:
Dear Precious friends in Christ,

How our hearts hurt for you in this time of loss. Our prayers have been rising and will continue for you all. Our deepest prayer is that our strong Heavenly Father will hold you tightly and shelter you under His wings until you have the strength to fly again.

We canโ€™t help but remember Cyrilโ€™s laugher and his love for the Lord and his family. We remember his faith through the lean times at Northland and physical trials. He still had a smile and always a willing hand to help any need.
We will never forget the missions trip to do some repairs at the Bible camp in Uranium City. We worked by day and laughed and laughed at stories and jokes at night. It was a wonderful time of fellowship for us, a young married couple, to watch the faithfulness, service, and love of Cyril and Lois.

Lois, may God be your completer and faithful leader and guide now. May He give you comfort, wisdom and strength beyond what you think possible.

Holly, T.J,, Jolene, Brandy, Sherry and your families, may God comfort and encourage you with the words and memories you will share about your father and grandfather. He was wonderful Godly man.

God bless you and give you peace only He can give.

Love and prayers,The Rings
Brad Bladine from Minneapolis, MN wrote on April 28, 2020:
I had a lot of respect for Cyril, first as a shop class teacher in school,then later as a friend. I remember that in shop class he had us memorize verses, which was really odd until you got to know him more. One of the verses that he had us memorize was 2 Cor 8:11-12, which is a confusing passage, but the way Cyril explained it was almost a personification of himself, "if you start a project, finish it, and do it to the best of your ability." I think that there was a joke in there as well that most of the class did not have much ability which was evident in our projects. ๐Ÿ™‚

I know that he is missed, but I assume that God needed some extra help finishing his building project so he called in Cyril.

I am praying for you all.
Tammy Lacock from Three Hills wrote on April 28, 2020:
Cyril, deacon, Sunday School teacher, church member, friend, oh how you are missed. I will miss you teaching Sunday School, taking a drink of water, and then crunch the water bottle to make sure the noise irritated me. I will miss you giving Judy a hard time just so she will swing her cane at you. You were the one that would give me a silly card for my birthday and then just laugh and laugh. (I always wished I could watch you pick out the card. Iโ€™m sure you stood in the card shop just cracking up at the funny ones.) I will miss your โ€œAmensโ€ in church -even when they were said at the wrong time. I will miss you teaching and then youโ€™d step away from the podium, give your opinion and then step back.
You would watch the same funny thing over and over and crack up every time. You were one that could say, โ€œthat ugly dress looks good on youโ€ and the person would feel complimented. You would give away the shirt off your back if someone needed it. You would see a need and always wanted to help. Always!
At church youโ€™d build the Christmas scene or Easter cross, youโ€™d shovel snow or hang up lights, youโ€™d mow the lawn, or fix an easel. If the doors were open you were there. If it was Truth Trackers store night youโ€™d sneak in something stupid (like a church dishrag) to sell.
Oh Cyril, thank you for the memories, the hospitality, the testimony, the love. You are missed!
Tom & Gina Mundigler from Wausaukee wrote on April 28, 2020:
Lois,TJ,Brandy,Sherry, Jolene,Holly
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time. As we reflect back on memories of Cyril how he laughed with us, prayed with us,and worshipped with us. He and Lois even surprised us by showing up unannounced at Faith parking lot, as we stared in disbelief that this guy looked just like Cyril, as he grinned ear to ear. This turned out to be the last time we shared breakfast with him and Lois the very next day. Thankful for his friendship, his faithfulness, and his desire to share God's word with all he met. We always joked with one another as we drove around from different places in the Northwoods, pointing out, this is the house Cyril and Lois lived in or here or here. We are sadden by his absence, but we grateful that he now resides with his Saviour!
Andrew Wood from Great falls, Montana wrote on April 27, 2020:
Cyril was one of my best friends during my time in Three Hills. He is a man I looked up to for so many reasons, his genuine love for Christ and the joy that sprung from his life on a daily basis because of his complete trust in Jesus are just a couple of the reasons I admired him. He was a man who, with Lois, loved me and many other students at Prairie. I was fortunate to work for Cyril for a few years. You knew he was having an off day if he wasn't laughing... He was so fun to be around but genuine and not ashamed to hide tears when talking about the goodness of God and how Christ saved him.

Cyril, though I miss you... I know heaven is having a blast right now! We will worship together in perfection one day. Thank you for sharing your life with me and my family.
Gord and Bev Sisco from Fort Frances, Ontario wrote on April 27, 2020:
Lois and family
Our hearts and prayers are with you at this time. Cyril was a big part in the youth camp in Kenora and will always be remembered for his work there. It is a difficult time; but, so happy that most of your family can be with you.
Rick & Marian Nutzhorn from Littlefork wrote on April 27, 2020:
Wonderful, godly man. So glad we got to know him.
Kathy Renz from LeRoy wrote on April 27, 2020:
So sorry for your loss Lois and family. Your family is in our prayers and thoughts ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
Christine Walden from Vancouver BC wrote on April 27, 2020:
Cryil Syroteuk was a man who walked his talk, who was courageous and generous and caring.

Dear Lois the pain of the loss of your lifelong partner is beyond endurance and description. With your deep and abiding faith, God you will help with your loss and you will find the strength to carry on.
John Terpstra from Barron wrote on April 27, 2020:
Our deepest sympathies to Lois from your friends at Calvary Baptist Church in Barron, WI.
Lyle & Nancy Shaner from La Crosse Wisconsin 54601 wrote on April 27, 2020:
We send our prayers for each of you and know that one day we will again see Cyril.

Pastor Rick Sella announced it yesterday at church. Many are praying for you.
David & Becky Treau from Edmonton wrote on April 27, 2020:
Our thoughts and prayers are with you Lois and your family during this sad time. May the Lord bless you all!

David & Becky Treau
Lito & Beth Delos Trinos from Edmonton wrote on April 27, 2020:
Praying for Godโ€™s comfort and provision for the Syroteukโ€™s especially to Ms. Lois๐Ÿ’• Weโ€™ll never forget your prayers and good deeds to our family. Our heartfelt sympathyโค๏ธ
Jim & Cindy Summer from Taylorโ€™s SC wrote on April 27, 2020:
Although many miles apart, never forgotten. A lot of sweet memories during our years at Northland. Thoughts and prayers to you and your familyโฃ๏ธ
Joel Rodman from Dunbar wrote on April 27, 2020:
Cyril was such a blessing to me. I loved his laugh and his love for God. I am praying for Lois, all the family and for the people of Emmanuel. May our Father be all you need today.
Love in Christ
Jon and Laurel Ensminger from Laurium wrote on April 27, 2020:
We are so sorry for your loss. We have many fond memories of Cyril. May God bless and comfort you during this time.

Jon and Laurel and family
Mike and Julie Williquette from Hartselle wrote on April 27, 2020:
We have been praying for you and are so sorry for your loss. We love your family and were privileged to know Cyril.

Will continue praying,
Mike and Julie Williquette
Jennifer and David Gillingham from Goulais River wrote on April 27, 2020:
We have wonderful memories of Cyril, Lois and their family during our time at Northland. Cyril and Lois were always there to talk with us and we had some great times together. David and Cyril shared in the jail ministry and the food run several times. We also appreciated when they visited us in Goulais River one weekend and participated in the church service with preaching and singing. As our hearts ache and we continue in prayer upon hearing this news, we also thank God for allowing us the wonderful privilege of knowing him, and all of you.
Barbara McCollim from Magnolia,, Texas 77355 wrote on April 27, 2020:
I feel soo privileged to have known you and worked with you and Lois in Canada. Praying for the Lords comfort on Lois and all the family at this time . God bless you all. Love Barb
Tom and Myrna Kaufmann wrote on April 27, 2020:
So sorry to hear the news of Cyrilโ€™s passing. So many sweet memories of our times together. Our prayers are with you Lois and your family during this difficult time.
Rita Reinhold from Gillett wrote on April 27, 2020:
My heart goes out to you. I believe when you visited here that you had dinner at our house (trailer). I will be praying for you. He was a wonderful man!
Scott & Luanne Rady from Cascade WI wrote on April 27, 2020:
Rejoicing with tears.
John and Scarlette Steuerwald from Whitewater WI. wrote on April 27, 2020:
My first memory of Cyril was when he came to our church "Bible Baptist Church of Utica" He was a humble, down to earth gentleman desiring to serve the Lord in Canada. We are thankful for the influence that he had on our son Luke. Luke was able to minister with Cyril several years at camp in Kenora, Canada, and that had a great impact on his life. We have been praying for your family at this time of loss.
Nancy Williams from Kiel wrote on April 27, 2020:
He is a great man of God and missionary. Went through lots of trials and had lots of faith. I look up to him through all his trials. Did great for God to the very end.
Joshua Beers from Lancaster wrote on April 27, 2020:
What a man with a very special family! I knew of Cyril more through his children and they were a great source of blessing to both my wife and I. He will be deeply missed, and our prayers are with Lois and the family in the days ahead. I am so thankful for his godly legacy!
Pastor Dave & Patricia Nichols from Ashton wrote on April 27, 2020:
We have come to know Cyril just since our Ministry at Berean Baptist Church in Ashton, Idaho. They are a precious family. Please know that we will be with you in our thoughts and prayers this morning.
Praying for all the family.